7 Best Cougar Dating Tips for Cougars and Younger Men

Cougar Dating TipsToday, many young men want to date a cougar. Getting attracted to older women is very natural. Moreover, cougars have certain special qualities, which entice the younger men towards them. Cougars are more intelligent as well as choosy as compared to women in their 20s.

Furthermore, these mature and successful women know what type of guy they want and have set goals in life. It is not that much easy to date a cougar as you think it to be. Therefore, have jot down 7 best cougar dating tips, which can help you in your endeavor to successfully date a cougar.

1. Know yourself

Before you go out to date a cougar, you must know yourself. This means you should know your actual personality as well as what you want in life. This is because cougars are very smart. They are more experienced in everything as well as mature, particularly in dating.

Cougars can wonderfully judge the character of a person. Moreover, cougars do not like immature men, who do not know anything about their life and nature. Therefore, you must have a strong character, if you want to date a cougar.

Plus, you must know about your goals in life. You must be mature enough and know your personality. And, if you do not have any goals in life or a career path and are not focused or serious in your life, then you should date younger ladies; forget about dating cougars and leave them to real men.

2. Be physically fit

You must take care of your body. This is because cougars get attracted to the body of a younger guy. Most of the reasons because of which cougars will like you will revolve around your body, such as they will like to have sex, be motherly, feel younger, be in a mature relationship, etc.

3. Find a Cougar at the right places

If you want to date a cougar, you must find one first. For this, you must search for a cougar at the right places. This means you need to hang out in special clubs and bars, such as special events bars or swinger bars, instead of at a movie hall or in a mall.

4. Chasing a Cougar

After you have got a potential cougar, it is time for you to see if she is interested in you, find out if there is any chemistry between you, and approach her in the right way. If a cougar is interested in you, she will make eye contact with you and give you some physical signs.

5. Act mature

Cougars do not like dating little boys. Although, they want a boy’s body, they also want a man’s maturity in their guy. Therefore, you must act mature, if you want to date a cougar. You must learn to put her desires and needs before yours and have a chivalrous attitude.

6. Be interesting

If you have an interesting personality, you can attract cougars towards you. This is because then you can strike an exciting conversation. However, you must note that an interesting conversation is not only about being funny, but it also includes other things too.

7. Do not take monetary favors

Unlike common belief, cougars do not like paying. They detest paying for companionship or sex, whether it is in a direct form or indirect form. Therefore, you should not date a cougar thinking that you can have a free meal, since then you will most probably be humiliated and end up disappointed.

So, these are the 7 best cougar dating tips for younger men who want to date older women. So, be mature and accept a cougar the way she is. Be physically fit and interesting and see how a cougar gets attracted to you.