The Increasing Demand for the Cougar Dating

Just years ago, cougar dating was despised by everyone in the community. Not until modernization came knocking at our doors. Today, especially in the western nations, this type of dating is seen as trendy and a great deal of women decide to date the younger men at the expense of those of their age or older. There are many driving forces to this type of relationship.

Cougar Dating


The media plays an important role in ensuring everyone is updated. Through different channels, cougar dating has become fashionable and socially acceptable. For example, popular programs as the 'Cougar Tow' preaches this type of relationship as being fashionable and that every woman should consider it in order to remain trendy.


It is true that many people consider celebrities as their role models. This is more important when it comes to fashion. The indulgence of most of the celebrities into this type of relationship has been a boost when it comes to its popularity. Celebrities like Sandra Bullock are well known for their successful relationships with relatively younger men. This has made every modernized woman try this association to feel they are classy.

The need for a happy long-term relationship

Cougar relationship is defined as a symbiotic relationship between a woman and a man younger. Referring back to the celebrities, both Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, a cougar couple, have maintained their relationship years after they get together. Due to the maturity of the cougar, this intimacy can bypass several obstacle.

Campaign against gender inequality

Despite the fact that women were discouraged against dating younger men, the men on the other hand were allowed to marry women younger than them. The need to respect the feelings of the girl child has made them strong to stand by their belief in cougar relationship. They no longer practice it in secrecy since they have nothing to fear any longer. A state of balance between the two sexes has been achieved in the current generation.

The history of cougar dating

Dating back to 1500’s, Queen Elizabeth was always attracted to younger men. This was socially unacceptable until recently when a campaign against gender inequality was introduced. The fact that a royal figure was a cougar inspires the cougars to have courage in supporting their personalities.

Not to deny, cougar dating has become one of the social trends in the globe today. The attitude against this type of arrangement has changed and it has as a result become socially accepted within the society.